Music Mixing


Professional Music Mixing for only $100 per song.



The Process

Here’s how the process works for mixing: please number and name each individual track, and place those tracks into a folder that’s named the same as the project itself.  If you have multiple projects, then create multiple project folders following the same guidelines as with having only one project folder.  Send 44.1k or 48k 24 bit .wav or AIFF files, along with the tempo of the song or songs, and tempo changes within a song or songs, if any.  If the time signature is something other that 4/4, then please send that information too.  It’s preferred that the tracks are dry, but if there are effects already present on the tracks then those tracks will get mixed as well.  Make sure that all of the tracks begin at the same point.  If the song starts on bar 2, then all the tracks should start from bar 2 even if there is nothing present on the track until later in the song.  Send your song folder or folders via wetransfer.com. It’s free. Once you send your project or projects, calculate the amount due, and pay it via PayPal. For Cash App and/or Venmo, call.  Once completed, you will receive a snippet of your song, or each one of your songs; for your approval.  Once approved, you will receive a download link.  Download your song or songs and that’s it!  Turnaround time depends on how many songs you have for mixing, whether or not special circumstances exist, and whether or not there is work that’s ahead of yours.  Once those things are addressed, a more accurate turnaround time can, and will be given.



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