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Professional Music Mixing for $600 per song.


Mixing music is more involved than mastering music because you're dealing with individual tracks.  With mixing there are basically five elements.  Those elements are volume, panning, equalization or EQ, effects, and dynamics.  A mix is about 3 things, and those 3 things are balance, balance, and balance.

The volume of the individual tracks are balanced against one another.

The tracks are panned or directed towards different spots in the stereo field to give the instruments their own space.  It's like watching a movie.  if there's a house, a car and a big tree in the scene, then those 3 things are spread out across the screen to make all of them easier to see as they occupy their own space.  If all 3 were in the same part of the screen, something would get blocked.  That works the same way when mixing music, and that's what panning is for.

The EQ is basically used for the same reason in mixing as in mastering, which is cutting the bad, and boosting the good.  And EQ also helps to shape the tracks in a way to make them fit better with each other.  But during mixing, an EQ can also be used for more of a creative purpose than is mastering.  This is because you're dealing with individual tracks as opposed to a stereo mix, so more flexibility is possible.

Effects are used to enhance the elements of the tracks.  Effects can include reverb, delay, chorusing, flanging, ect.  Once again, it's all about what works best, and what sounds best.

The processing of the dynamics during a mix is for the exact same reason as in mastering.  You want to control the movement of the sound to avoid sonic chaos.  And just like with using an EQ during a mix, you can also use dynamics processing during a mix for helping the tracks work and fit together better, and also creatively.

All of these processes are included when Flamebridge Music mixes your songs or music.


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The Process

Here’s how the process works for mixing: please number and name each individual track, and place those tracks into a folder that’s named the same as the project itself. If you have multiple projects, then create multiple project folders following the same guidelines as with having only one project folder. Send 44.1k or 48k 24 bit .wav or AIFF files, along with the tempo of the song or songs, and tempo changes within a song or songs, if any. If the time signature is something other that 4/4, then please send that information too. It’s preferred that the tracks are dry, but if there are effects already present on the tracks then those tracks will get mixed as well. Make sure that all of the tracks begin at the same point. If the song starts on bar 2, then all the tracks should start from bar 2 even if there is nothing present on the track until later in the song. Once your project or projects are ready for sending, calculate the amount due and then pay by clicking the PayPal.me tab. Once you’re redirected back to flamebridgemusic.com, click the wetransfer.com tab and upload your project/ projects. Once completed, you will receive a snippet of your song, or each one of your songs; for your approval. Once approved, you will receive a download link. Download your song or songs and that’s it! Turnaround time depends on how many songs you have for mixing, whether or not special circumstances exist, and whether or not there is work that’s ahead of yours. Once those things are addressed, a more accurate turnaround time can and will be given.