Flamebridge Music
About Us
 Flamebridge Music is all about... The music.  We offer mastering services to artists and musicians who need that final touch to make their music ready to become hits!  Here at Flamebridge Music, our thing is, music mastering is not for making your music sound different.  Music mastering is for creating the best and the most true representation of what artists and musicians intend for their music to sound like.  And to give their fans and listeners, the oppotunity to experience their recorded art, in a pure as possible fashion.  Get all of that technical stuff out of the way, and let it come down to the music itself.   Why should you come to Flamebridge Music?  Because WE care about your music, about 99% of how much YOU care about your music.  At Flamebridge Music, music isn't the only thing, it's everything.
Our Services
Sound Sessions
We will master individual tracks or singles, EPs, and full LPs for $30 a song.  We primarily master music, however we will also mix songs for $50 a song.
We'll take the time
to give you the best result possible based on the mix that you send us.  16 bit 44.1k or better, .wav or AIFF files are strongly preferred, but if mp3 is all that you have, then we will work with that.  
Our 1and only goal
is a satified customer.  Flamebridge Music will do all that we can to help you reach your sonic goals.  We leave no stone unturned when working on a project.  However, if we feel that we cannot properly help you, we will not take your money.  

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  1. Ren (Corona, CA) says:
    "Any musician looking to make a wave in the music industry- whether they are self-guided or working with professionals- can identify with the overwhelming pressure that accompanies the recording process. For me, as someone who is just starting to try to get my music out into the world, the biggest obstacle was figuring out how to turn a bit of audio (pulled from a shoddy bedroom web-cam recording) into something polished and EP-worthy. Thankfully, I stumbled across Flamebridge Music. Knowledgeable, direct, and incredibly talented in its craft, Flamebridge Music took my static-ridden, unbalanced, original recording and, within one day, turned it into something I could share with others and really be proud of. The final product was crystal-clear; I began hearing noticing parts of the recording that I had previously missed. The background static was gone. My voice no longer drowned out the guitar. The list goes on... and at the end of it all, was even kind enough to offer some experience-based technical advice for my future recordings. I can't say enough about Flamebridge Music and its work product. I will definitely be back with future projects. Do yourself a favor and give them a shot... It might just be the biggest favor you ever do for your music career."
Zac (Melbourne FL) says:
"I really like it.  It sounds a lot cleaner!"

Steve (Los Angeles CA) says:
Great mastering!  This is my first time getting a song mastered and they were easy to work with and talk to.  Flamebridge Music provided me a good explanation of their work and what I can expect out of it.  Communication is very important to me, and they kept the communication at a great level with me.  I was happy with their work, and can recommend their work to any new or experienced artists!