Music Mastering and Music Mixing

Flamebridge Music is all about…the music.! We offer music mastering services and music mixing to artists and musicians who need that final touch to make their music ready to become hits!

We’re all about Music!

About Us

I have been a music artist for 30 years.  I learned to create and write music, and then later I moved over to the technical side of things.  I learned to record and ultimately mix music.  But throughout my time as an artist, I never wanted to learn to master music.  I always felt that it was some mystical art and ability that only a chosen few would ever be able to do.  I was just fine with that.  But then in 2013, I began to look into music licensing, and I found myself with many tracks that I needed to have mastered.  This would have cost literally thousands of dollars.  It was around this same time, I had an opportunity to learn to master music.  There were 2 things that made me hesitate at first.  The first thing was, I didn’t think that it was something that I could ever effectively do.  And the second thing, was the price for the mastering course.  I chose to take the course.  Plus it made more sense to pay once and learn the skill, and have the knowledge for the rest of my life, instead of paying multiple times over the years.  It took about 3 years of time, practice, and trial and error, but I finally got to the point to where I felt proficient at mastering music.  That’s when I decided to start a music mastering company.  I wanted to help other artists with their musical ambitions.  In addition, provide music artists with professional quality sound for fair prices. Getting the job done right for clients is a ritual that is practiced here without fail. There won’t be any cut-rate jobs for cut-rate prices. And there also won’t be any astronomical prices to blow your entire budget on. Those things may happen with other mastering engineers/ companies, but they don’t happen here at Flamebridge Music. Providing music artists with professional quality sound for fair prices is the founding principal of Flamebridge Music.

 Music mastering is not making your music sound different.  It is for creating the best and truest representation of what artists and musicians intend for their music to sound like.  The whole point is to give your fans and listeners the opportunity to experience your recordings in the most pure way.  Get all of that technical stuff out of the way and let it come down to the music itself.  At Flamebridge Music, music isn’t the only thing, it’s everything.

“I can’t say enough about Flamebridge Music and its work product.   I will definitely be back with future projects. Do yourself a favor and give them a shot… It might just be the biggest favor you ever do for your music career.” – Ren
“Great mastering!  This is my first time getting a song mastered and they were easy to work with and talk to.  Flamebridge Music provided me a good explanation of their work and what I can expect out of it.  Communication is very important to me, and they kept the communication at a great level with me.  I was happy with their work, and can recommend their work to any new or experienced artists!”

“I really like it.  It sounds a lot cleaner!”

– Zac

“I stumbled across Flamebridge Music. Knowledgeable, direct, and incredibly talented in its craft, Flamebridge Music took my static-ridden, unbalanced, original recording and, within one day, turned it into something I could share with others and really be proud of. The final product was crystal-clear”